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About Photo Aspect

Photo Aspect is a free, easy to setup, web-oriented photo album that lets you archive, manage and categorize your photos (by topic, event, etc. and people in the photo). With it anyone can rate, search and comment on your photographs. You can also set up logins for family/friends and even give them privileges so that they can upload photos and create categories themselves to contribute to your photo album. Photos can even be restricted to only be viewable to signed-in users only.

Photo Aspect also includes a simple news feature to post the latest news or to serve as a blogging tool for your photo album.

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Visit the Photo Aspect project page for more information.

Downloading Photo Aspect

Download a fresh copy of Photo Aspect from Photo Aspect's CVS repository using the instructions below: (note: you'll need a (free) copy of a CVS client to download from the repository)

$ cvs login
# You may have to try this a couple times until it takes :)
$ cvs -z3 co photoaspect
# You will see a bunch of files being checked out into a directory called photoaspect...

Setting-up Photo Aspect

To setup Photo Aspect you should view the README file (also included in the distribution and CVS files).

Here's a TO-DO list of features I'm currently looking at.

Feature requests are very welcome from anyone (even those who haven't used Photo Aspect) since I like to hear ideas I haven't even thought of as well as get feedback of any kind to help this become a more useful piece of software for people who want a slick photo-album to share with the world.

Send questions, comments, or suggestions to: jforaci [at] hotmail [dot] com

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